Lunie 101

Getting started with the Lunie browser extension

A step-by-step guide for creating an account with the Lunie browser extension.

Welcome to our guide for getting started with In a matter of minutes, you’ll be well on your way to participating in the new staking economy! 👋

This guide will explain how to set up an account and create a Cosmos address on with the Lunie browser extension.

If you’d prefer to use a hardware wallet — check out our guide for getting started with the Ledger Nano S/X.

Accounts on Lunie

Whether you’re in the Lunie browser extension, the Lunie mobile apps, or the Cosmos Ledger app— your account info always stays with you. This is known as non-custodial because we don’t custody your funds or your keys.

We don’t store your account data on our servers or in our database and you need to store your backup code somewhere safe. 🔒

On Lunie, Accounts are simply the name of your choosing (like a username) and a locally-encrypted password associated with your address.

If you lose access to your local accounts AND lose your backup code, there is nothing we can do to help you. ❤️

Install the Lunie Browser Extension

The Lunie browser extension will work in both Brave and Chrome browsers. If you’d like us to add support for Firefox, please let us know.

The Lunie browser extension page in the Chrome web store with a big “Add to Chrome” buttonA simplified Lunie extension screen from the Chrome Web Store

  1. Open the Brave or Chrome browser
  2. Fill out our extension form — when you submit the form we’ll show you the link to the extension.
  3. Visit the extension page from the link after you submit the form.
  4. Click “_Add to Chrome_”
  5. Click “_Add extension_” **

🎉 Now you have the browser extension installed! 🎉

*Your browser may warn you that the Lunie browser extension needs to read and change data on and read your browsing history. These permissions are necessary for us to display the accounts from the extension in Lunie for you. They also let us know when your browser tab is actually on

Create an account

Once you have the extension installed, it’s easy to create an account and a new Cosmos address. If you have an existing backup code (seed phrase) you can choose Recover with backup code.

  1. Open the Lunie browser extension
  2. Click “_Create a new address_”
  3. Add an account name and password **
  4. WRITE DOWN YOUR BACKUP CODE — this is the only time we’ll display this backup for you. You will not be able to recover this backup code at any time in the future. Your safety is in your own hands — 🤲 — with great power comes great responsibility.
  5. Click “_Create Address_”

🎉 Now you have an address you can use to start staking! 🎉

**This password is what you’ll use to sign and approve transactions. It is not possible to change passwords or recover lost passwords at this time.

Send some tokens to your new account

Once you’ve created an account you’ll see your new account listed under My Accounts. If you click the Go to Lunie button, Lunie will open in new tab in your browser with a list of accounts from the extension.

Simply click Use Account to log in to Lunie with this account.

Lastly, in the top left under the Lunie logo, you’ll see your address. Click on the blue address cosmos...dtfd to copy this address to your clipboard. The version displayed in Lunie is a shortened version of a longer address like cosmos1vgcz6tg7f9cqm0asum5nr0ddxgqq6jz5eddtfd

If you send some staking tokens to this address you’ll be able to see your balance in Lunie. Then you’ll be ready to start staking with Lunie and the Lunie browser extension!