Lunie Announcements

Lunie Mobile (Beta) on iOS and Android

Announcing Lunie Mobile, now available in app stores near you

The day is finally here! Anyone with an iPhone or an Android device can download the Lunie Mobile Beta today!

Lunie Mobile has all the same great features you get with Lunie on the web but in a neat little native package. On Lunie Mobile, you can send tokens, receive tokens, stake tokens, vote on governance proposals, and create accounts.

Keeping your keys safe

Lunie Mobile lets you quickly and easily create accounts (a simple name and address pair) or recover an address with a backup code (seed phrase).

Accounts created on mobile will be encrypted and stored in local storage on your device. The private key will be encrypted by the password of your choosing. Make sure your password is as strong as it can be!

At this point in time, we don’t offer password recovery. If you forget your password but have your backup code, it’s easy to reimport your account and make a new password. This is why it’s extra important to always write down your backup code and make sure you keep it in a safe place.

If you like the safety and comfort of storing your keys in your Ledger Nano or the Lunie Browser Extension, you can easily use “explore mode” on Lunie Mobile.

Explore mode lets you use the Lunie mobile app with any address you like. Of course, you won’t be able to sign any transactions — but you’ll be able to monitor your rewards, your validators, and governance proposals from the comfort of your smartphone.

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